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Finding Your Feet Workshop 1-2pm

Finding Your Feet

Making the transition to University


Whether you have just finished school or you’re returning to study after a period in the work force or after some other life experience, the transition to becoming a student can be both exciting and challenging.

For most students, starting University involves a rapid transition with many new experiences to navigate.

Any major transition in life is a process that takes time, and this is certainly true of the transition to University.  

For a period, it’s usual to feel a little lost as you adjust.   Due to the number of changes that you must negotiate – it’s natural to feel stressed, overwhelmed and disorientated. It takes time to go through this transition period to ‘find your feet’ and to feel as if you have ‘settled’.

You are not alone!

It’s important to realise that you are not alone and there will be others that are struggling too. It’s also important to realise that with the right support – you can negotiate transition and come out the other side. 

The ‘Finding Your Feet’ workshop looks at the emotional impact of starting University and how to manage this – including what support and help is available.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
1:00pm - 2:00pm
10_B006 Stockwell Street Library
Greenwich Campus
  Research (PhD/MPhil/ECR)     Taught Postgraduate Students     Undergraduate Students  

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